We firmly believe that, no matter a dress or a scarf, the design and high-quality feel are critical to bringing out texture and taste. However, to showcase the finishing touch, the brand positioning and quality comes from a mark, which we call the “label”. With 40-years of manufacturing experience, Fu Hai Kang brings abundant experience, professional R&D, manufacturing, design and quality control in serving the world’s major leading brands and provide customers with a variety of professional-centered customized services. In this competitive market, Fu Hai Kang can fulfill all your requirements.

  Core Value

Good communication with customers has always been our principle, a responsible attitude is a basic requirement, and providing meticulous service - these are our core values. We firmly believe that by upholding these values and good spirit, and through continuous efforts in the design of high quality products that meet customers’ requirements, we have developed a brand of quality customized products. We will thoroughly implement our business core value to establish mutual trust and a win-win business outcome with our customers.


Time Spent in Refining the Craft has Led Fu Hai Kang to Grow Stronger 

Fu Hai Kang, formerly Jing-Xin Label, was established in 1977. With 40 years of experience, we responded to social and international trends and transformed into Fu Hai Kang International Ltd. In 2016, to continue servicing the market needs, mainly in all kinds of labels such as woven labels, print labels, thermal transfer labels and PI labels for clothing, shoes, hats, textiles and gifts; we also developed ribbons and reflective bands. To show our appreciation in the trust and support of our international brand partners, we established a factory in Tinnh Long An, Vietnam to expand our services around the world.

  Future Outlook

Our innovative ideas are without boundaries and sincere communication with customers build the most authentic and reliable Fu Hai Kang. With creditability as our foundation, we insist on “sincere and good faith in all communication” to build better brand reputation because we firmly believe that “integrity” is the cornerstone of communication, and is the rock of all cooperation. In the future, we will continue our services with the most careful attitude in the hope of improving the quality of clothin accessory industry and design products that meet customer demands for consumers to wear clothing with peace of mind and with good taste. Furthermore, with our 40-year experience and expertise, we are devoted in the development of raw material applications in line with the concept of environmentally-friendly materials to protect our precious earth for sustainable development.

  Product Application & Technical Support

We have been serving international manufacturers in the field of clothing for many years. We provide customized services based on customers’ requirements, and further offer complete technical services. Fu Hai Kang offers professional consulting services and customize services as we believe we that will help you build your dream brand value! 

For example: 

Thermal Transfer Label: We provide application recommendations for thermal transfers using all kinds of cloth. 

Woven Label: We design woven labels that meet customer’s requirements in color and size, and offer recommendations to help highlight the brand. 

Print Label: We help customers to translate washing icons into different languages, and provide all kinds of warning label suggestions. 

And so on… 

Fu Hai Kang provides all kinds of high quality labels backed by years of experience. We have professional inspection equipment and have third-party testing for various test reports and real-time communication and resolution of issues to meet the needs of our global customers.

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